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The All Things Gundam Journal

From First Gundam to Gundam SEED and beyond!

All Things Gundam Community
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This Community is not associated in any way with Bandai®, Cartoon Network®, nor any other companies that work on Gundam.

Welcome to the Gundam Community! This community was created by dnukem170, and you may use the e-mail above to ask any questions. Please say what the subject of your question is in your subject line, so I don't accidentally delete it or mistake it as spam.

This is the place to talk about ANYTHING Gundam. This includes all of the series shown on Cartoon Network, as well as any series that have yet to be shown, such as Gundam F91, Gundam SEED, and Superior Defender. Now for the rules:

1) NO Spamming! Don't ask for LiveJournal codes, or something similar.

2) NO bashing or flaming! It's one thing to have an intelligent debate, it's another to resort to name calling. Please be respectful to others.

3) No posts all about another anime, please. This a Gundam community for a reason. The anime community is the place for finding people that are into something other than Gundam. A little blurb at the end of your post regarding another show or whatever is fine, though.

4) Don't forget to LJ-Cut long posts. The code for LJ-cutting is: <lj-cut>...</lj-cut>.

5) Talking about Gundam Models or figures is OK too.

6) "One does not care to acknowledge the mistakes of one's youth."