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Okay, so I decided to do an Out Of Box kit for once, since I didn't really have time to work on the Wing over Spring Break.  So, I popped open one of the older MG kits I had lying around, the GM.  It's based on the old RX78 1.0 frame, and has the same seam line problems, but I love the BEECRAFT rendition on it (it's not overtly different like the other BEECRAFT redesigns). 

Unfortunately, I had to do some sort of modding on it especially since it's no longer up to par with modern kits.  So, I cut out the space between the hydraulics on the feet, so they actually look like hydraulics now.

And then I poked holes where the thrusters would be.  Why they didn't do this is beyond me, but it's simple enough to do.  Just take a sharp point and twist your way through.

Oh, and finally, I extended the joints on the arms because they were too short, causing the lower part to pop out when the arm moved close to a 90 degree angle.  That's some pretty bad engineering.  Oh well, it least it can bend 180 degrees now.  Whops forgot a picture of the motion of the arm.  Oh well, I'll do that next time I update this project.

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