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Gundam Age community [19 Apr 2012|08:37pm]

Hi all! I felt that LiveJournal has been lacking the presence of a Gundam AGE community, so I took a little time to set one up. If you're interested, please check out gundam_age! :D
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Gundam Get! :: a Mobile Suit Gundam merchandise community [26 Jun 2011|02:09am]


Gundam Get is a brand new community dedicated to the discussion, buying, selling, trading and most of all, collecting of Gundam toys and merchandise. Everything from gunpla to DVDs and manga to gashapon to rare collectable production art from all Gundam timelines is welcome in this community. Whether you have been collecting Gundam items for many years or are wanting to build a collection from scratch, if you like all of the materialistic goods the Gundam universe has to offer, you are welcome to join in and have fun!


crossposting to a few communities; my apologies if you see this more than once!
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Kink Meme [26 Jan 2011|01:16am]


An all-fandom Gundam kinkmeme. Knock yourselves out!
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Gundam Artbooks and Doujinshi for sale [08 Feb 2010|03:48am]

I've got an artbook for Gundam: Char's Counterattack and a doujinshi for Gundam Wing, available for sale at my journal psychedelishop!

Pics, prices and deets on all items right here.

Feedback from previous buyers here.

Thank you!
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[31 Jan 2010|03:23am]

So after like...100 or so messages to strangers...a chatroom has been made! Enjoy. And don't be worried if no one is there at the time. Some people pop in and pop out randomly. That's just how they roll.

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MS Illustrated? [28 Aug 2009|08:34pm]

[ mood | good ]

Hey folks

I've been out of the Gundam fandom for quite a bit, and I was wondering something:

What is the newest version of Mobile Suit Illustrated? The edition I have is 2003 (which covers to the beginning of SEED), and where can I buy the newest edition?

Thanks in advance.

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Gundam items for sale! [30 Apr 2008|02:46pm]

Gundam: Char's Counterattack artbook and a Gundam Wing doujinshi available here!
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Interview with Kenji Kawai, Gundam 00 composer [01 Mar 2008|04:46am]

Russian translation

1 No copypasts!
2 There is no English version for this moment. If someone wants to translate the interview into Englis or other language, contact us first

Thank you!
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Stuff! [26 Feb 2008|05:41am]

Hey all, I've got a load of various things I ended up with from crazybuying Japanese magazines for the last couple of years. Some of it is Gundam stuff (specifically from the ACE magazine), so if anybody is interested, [it's all over here]. Just please read the post before commenting if something catches your eye! ♥
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Preview to Gundam 00 [15 Sep 2007|12:10pm]


Um... what?
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[15 Aug 2007|05:37pm]
I'm selling two volumes of Gundam Singles History albums, volumes I and II.

If you're interested, check them out here:


Thanks! :)
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My Double Zeta review [14 Aug 2007|10:44pm]


I made a review of Double Zeta this week. I had some problems ripping some of my DVDs. Specifically the ones that feature the double zeta so there are no clips of it. Sorry. My review might be too positive for some people but please enjoy.
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My review of Zeta Gundam [03 Aug 2007|06:25am]


Hey guys, I made a new review to Zeta Gundam and I made some new changes to my show. I also meant to do a review and add clips of Gundam Vs Zeta Gundam but lost tract of time.

Hope you enjoy.
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Gundam 00 community! [05 Jun 2007|03:40am]

The first Gundam 00 community on Livejournal (that I know of) is now up, check it out!

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Gundam 00 [02 Jun 2007|12:44pm]

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The 100th MG Revealed!!! [16 May 2007|08:46pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Well, according to Gunota, the 100th MG will be the Turn A Gundam ... and to think it will never happen ... *goes off to celebrate*

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My review of Gundam 08th MS Team [08 Apr 2007|09:59pm]


It did not turn out the way I wanted it to. I did this one at like 2am when I had the time and did the best I could. I'll probably review Gundam 0080 next. Please watch.
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[04 Apr 2007|10:35pm]

For all you poor souls who have been waiting to see my Custom, I offer you my humble apologies as i haven't finished it. The main reason is that instead of buying paint, I got my self a GM Striker...


I couldn't help it. Imagine my plight. Me between two shelves, one with paint and the other with the GM striker and others. I closed my ears and I heard the GM Striker call out to me. Cost me S$22 (it was sold online for 19, but I would have had to wait for a month or so)

And if you don't know what my Custom is.....These are the old picture
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MG GM [01 Apr 2007|06:20pm]

Okay, so I decided to do an Out Of Box kit for once, since I didn't really have time to work on the Wing over Spring Break.  So, I popped open one of the older MG kits I had lying around, the GM.  It's based on the old RX78 1.0 frame, and has the same seam line problems, but I love the BEECRAFT rendition on it (it's not overtly different like the other BEECRAFT redesigns). 

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HUGE eBay offload [29 Mar 2007|01:21pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

Hello folks

I am selling a lot of stuff on eBay.

Gundam-relevant things I am selling are:

- Gundam SEED Destiny boxset with volume 2
- Gundam SEED Complete Best
- Hobby Japan, Animage and Newtype USA/Japan backissues (lots of SEED articles, and one about the Zeta movie)
- The Art of Gundam Wing "Anime Art Gallery" artbook

For a list of all the items I am selling, look here. I have 100% positive feedback on eBay.

Thanks for looking.

[crossposted, apologies]

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